Monday, October 19, 2009

Beautiful Stylish Pottery on Etsy

Look I'm not much of a writer so you came to the wrong place for a big description about the pieces I am showing on my blog. But I had to share this shop with you, and the others to come.
They are called JustWorks, located in Vancouver, I'm not sure if that's Vancouver Washington or BC but, hey, they do fabulous pieces. I picked 3 but they have stunning, rustic pieces in their shop that you or anyone would be happy to have. I would so enjoy the 'HOPE' mug every morning sipping my morning Jo from. And the platters are simply gorgeous with the little detail, many great uses for these pieces. And when they are not in use hang them on the wall or display them in the living room. Just keep them out to show them off!
Be sure to take a moment to read their shop announcement.
It's not just pottery they are making, it friendship, skills, and ownership

Medium Size Retro Plate

HOPE Coffee Mug

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