Sunday, September 28, 2008

September Custom Bridal Order

I just wanted to share one of the custom orders from this month. You can view the details on my website at Featured Brides
If you get a chance browse through the other custom orders listed.

Adding, Changing Blog Roll

OK- I can't seem to stop adding new blogs and shopping sites I come across. I've added some new ones and I will soon be rearranging. I still have so many blogs to add, but I also have so many pieces of new jewelry to add to my sites.
So, off I go! Have a great Sunday!

Friday, September 26, 2008

More Custom Bridal Jewelry Orders from this past Summer 2008

This Bridal Jewelry set is actually from earlier in the summer. The bride was interested in Bridal Earrings Style #E226B08
They were originally in a white and pink, but we changed them out using the creamrose light pearl in the earrings and the necklace. The Bridal Necklace is a custom piece but she had chosen Bridal Necklace Style #60BN We worked closely with the bride to create a piece that would fit with her dress style and color. And any changes that the bride preferred compared to the original design.

There will be more examples of this summer's Custom Bridal Orders posted later this weekend. I've been getting ready for some of the events that I have or will be attending in the next month or so. I know they won't start until the back half of the month, but I have to get my time in where I can! LOL!
Have a great weekend! Trisha

Custom Order - Featured Bridal Page

Here is one of my recent Custom Bridal Orders. The Bride had contacted me after browsing through the bridal pages, not quite finding what she wanted. But, she knew it was there somewhere. So, I designed this piece and she choose earrings, and we designed a bracelet to match.

Bridal Bracelet Style # 64BB

The bride choose custom pearl color for her bridesmaids earrings and necklaces. She choose Swarovski Color 'Powder Almond' for the pearl color. And we also used smaller pearls in the necklace.

Bridal Earrings Style # E221B07 & Bridal Necklace Style # N204B07

This is a perfect example of custom orders. I love to mix and match bridal pieces from the collection. By just changing out the color of the pearls, it gave the necklace a completely different look. You must remember that I offer the 5 stock colors, but Swarovski offers so many pearls and crystals, that the combinations possibilities are endless.
If you are interested in custom ordering/ designing something for your up coming special occasion, holiday gifts, birthday gifts. Please contact me at
I will be posting these photos to my 'Featured Brides' page on my website. So, check there for more examples of custom designs.
Have a great evening! Trisha

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall Blissfest in Mesa, Arizona

I'm really blessed to be apart of this event. And I would love to help spread the word about the cause behind the annual event for this year. Read below for more information.

Kristin and Dan Alber, owners of Domestic Bliss in Mesa, Arizona, will be holding a fundraiser for the Nielson Family during their annual Fall Blissfest, Saturday, Oct. 18, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (I believe the time has changed) Read more about the Nielson Family by clicking on the banner to the right. Also, if you are unable to attend the event and would like to donate, just click on the second banner on the right side. This banner will direct you to PayPal.

Raffle tickets will be sold for $10 each or three for $20. All funds raised will go to the Nielson Recovery Fund. You will be able to put your raffle tickets in bowls/boxes at participating vendor booths for a chance to win one of the vendors products. There will be a carnival-style setup with baked goods, face painting, pumpkin decorating and popcorn balls.
Please email me if you have questions about the Blissfest, I will try my best to answer questions. If you have questions about the Nie Recovery, it is best to visit the website or visit Stephanie's sisters blog, c jane run
Thank you, Trisha

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Scorpion Sighting!!!

Would you want these two cuties to get bit? We try to protect them every way possible, and maybe it's just me trying to come up with every excuse in the book to move back to the NW. I don't know. It is so hard to stay on track, when we've had 4 sightings in the past couple of weeks. How creep is this...I was in the laundry room sorting clothes, and I heard this weird scratching noise, and the first thing I did was look up at the vent and then thought to myself, the air isn't sounded like a tree branch scratching on a window. Then, as I'm standing over my washer, I look directly above me and realize it is in the light, right above my head. Even now when I am writing this, I get the heebeegeebees! Then the next week after I have walked bare foot into my bathroom my husband tells me there is one in front of his dresser. Then the next day he was emptying the garbage, in the garage! Well, garage ones don't really count, but in my book they do! So, yesterday I was swiffering the living room and my kids were running from the kitchen to my daughters favorite corner, by the front window and back again, they did this about 3 times, all of us barefoot. I thought I saw something on the floor, and when I moved the chair I saw a baby one, very active! and luckily it had been a week since I had last swiffered, because it got caught up in all the dust that came flying of the swiffer, by the way, Swiffers are not made for killing scorpions! The top came flying off, I thought I broke it. So, I had to get the kids out of the room and run into the laundry room to get a shoe to smash it. Still trying to keep my barefoot kids out of harms way! So, now I am still on edgy- I wish sometimes I could drink every day! It just makes me so nervous. I have never been around anything in my whole life that can come from no where and just the wrong move- bam! I mean the worst thing I can remember growing up in the NW is the big ugly spiders from the old house we lived in. There was this dark closet right next to my bedroom door and it didn't have doors on it. I would run by that thing so fast because the stairway/hallway light would be out. I would run into my bedroom so fast to turn on the light. So, to solve the problem around my house I have been trying to talk my husband in to letting us get a cat. I'm working on him. He still seems to think I will make him clean the kitty litter box. I keep explaining to him, that the reason I didn't do it before was because I was pregnant. Things are different now!
Our little girl version Harry Potter! And her big brother that loves green right now!!!
Here are some lovely pictures of my daughter during our lately late night hangouts! Notice her PJ's...You can't miss them! Her daddy picked them out. She has a too small tee on, her brothers old PJ bottoms and her brothers socks (scorpion footwear protection). No we are not dressing her up for football, or pre Halloween costume, no she got into mommy's make up bag from my handbag and decided she knew how to put on mascara!! On her cheeks. And she spilt her apple juice twice down her shirt. Does she look sleepy to you? She kept coming up to the camera after I took a picture, because she had to see what I had taken. Then she would walk back to the cabinets and stand there until I took another picture. In the mean time, she kept spilling her apple juice on my recently mopped kitchen floor, followed by an ut,oh. Oh the joys of motherhood.

Have a great evening. I am off to bed. -T

My New Canvas Project! 'The Gardens'

My husband and I have been going back and forth about art work for a few places in the house. A few years ago, he decided to take a flying leap...and bought tubes of paints and some paper and decided to try his 'skills' at painting. Well, the canvas and paper ended up in the garbage...he claims I said something...not true! You should see the two huge canvas paintings I did in parents have them hanging in their garage...need I say more. So, I decided it was my turn to put my foot out there. And yesterday, my son and I decided to get the paints out while Addison was sleeping. My husband came home when I had just started adding the paper around the edges. And I told him, I don't know why I painted the canvas, except I remember my Painting Instructor from college telling me to never start with a white canvas. So, underneath all the glitter, glue, paper, flowers, pins, chipboard, rub ons, distressed ink, brads, and ribbon, there is red, brown, and tan paint. So, if ever the thing decides to fall will still be pretty! So, I have decided to give you a sneak peak, because tonight when I took the pictures, they didn't turn out very well, and I will try again tomorrow. And I am not finished yet. I still want to add a big hanging bow on the top! So, for now here are a few or more pics of the up close detail of the canvas board called 'The Gardens'.

Vintage Brooch I bought off

I also have one more canvas to do. I bought my paper at Devine Memories. And I bought all the paper offered in the series. So, this one has a botanical garden theme, the other is going to have a roaring 20's theme. Which while I was making this one, I was pulling out things for that one.
Enjoy and please leave comments, because I will read them to my husband!!!!
Thank you!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Evening Walks

Yes, so last night I decided I didn't want to go to the gym. So, my husband and son went while my daughter and I went on a walk around the loop. Well, I put her in the stroller and we headed out. Everything seemed fine until we started heading back and my daughter wanted out of the stroller. So, I said OK, like I had a choice in the matter. She was doing really well, but then I noticed we were being bit by mosquitoes everywhere. So, now as I am sitting here updating my blog roll I am itching everywhere! I tried to get my daughter back in the stroller so we could jog home, but that didn't work, and when I made her get in and I ran about a block and half, she was practically hanging out the front doing a nose dive to the sidewalk. Oh, and screaming- so not only was I trying to keep the mosquitoes off of us, I looked like I stole the child in the stroller. I'm a terrible parent. I did have water, cellphone, keys, food, hat, sunglasses, books and toys for my daughter- yet no bug repellent. I figured we would be moving the whole time.
I can't wait for this weekend to start...I was suppose to be heading up to Alaska this afternoon, but the trip got cancelled. So, it is the first weekend in a long time that we do not have to be somewhere. I'm so excited, I am going to update my web page, fill some orders, post pics from custom orders.

Have a great weekend!