Thursday, February 28, 2008

Great Vintage Pieces coming....

I am so excited! When I was browsing around Etsy, some time last week I came across a shop who sells vintage brooches, buttons, earrings and things of that nature. Well, I made a few purchases today! I can’t wait to get them and start making new ‘vintage’ pieces! Every since I changed of a friend of mines grandma’s brooch into a necklace, it just made me want to recycle, reuse, bring life to a new piece.

When I first started out as a jewelry maker, I never thought I would be at the level I am now. And when I am talking about level, I mean giving myself the opportunity to explore new media, not just a strand of beads.

I was reading this blog, Art Junk Girl, well she is exploring painting right now. And her entry today made so much sense to me. When I was in college I was an art major but as soon as I started down that path, I quickly changed my course of direction to Art History Major, Studio Art Minor. I had a hard time coming up with ideas for all the different projects I had to finish! I did take a painting class, and the instructor did give us inspiration, or an assignment to fulfill. Well, let’s just say that the 2 pretty large size painting I did are now hanging in my parent’s garage! Is that good? I’m really impressed that they are hanging anywhere!
I still have my oil paints, water colors, charcoal pencils, pastels, you name it I have it. I can’t throw it out. And I have been out of college for quite sometime. It’s funny how I can never come up with something to paint or create. So, I just sum it up that the paints will always be there for me, when I’m ready to pick up the paint brush for the umpteenth time! For now I will work on my passion, creating jewelry. The funny thing, my 12 years I spent in the fashion industry, I only made a handful of pieces I could actually wear to work.
I can’t really say this entry had a lot to say, but I know I got a lot out of it!

Cluster of Pearls Necklace Jewelry Board #6

I'm really hooked on the color Yellow! Maybe it's all the thoughts of vacation! We have been talking about the vacations we want to take this year. One for sure is out to San Diego- to see the ocean and play in the sand! Shades of Yellows and Blues always seem to get me into the mood for vacation. I've paired one of my Cluster Pearl Necklaces (Style #70BN), with this Charcoal Twill Jacket and AG Angel Confetti Jeans you can find at Anthropologie. The layering top is from Banana Republic. The fabulous Jacquard Ballet Flats are from Piperlime. I love this High Gloss Wallet in yellow, part of the Anthropologie collection. This board shows how versatile the Cluster Pearl Necklace can be; here it is paired with a jacket and jeans, or the obvious, your wedding day attire. If you prefer a little sparkle in the necklace you can choose the Grace Necklace from our Bridal Collection.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just a few Items from around the Internet

Check out these adorable handcrafted bags by oktak an artist from

I'm not sure if I have expressed enough how much I LOVE If you haven't been over there- YOU NEED TO! Check out these cute handbags/coin purses. I have to have one. I love the fabric! These bags would be a perfect birthday gift for the person who has everything! These would make great bridesmaids gifts. A perfect gift for your bridesmaids along with their jewelry they will wear on your special day!
The ideas just keep coming!
-Smiles Trisha

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jewelry Inspiration Board #5

I can't get my mind off of the sand & beach. Here is a great new dress from Nicole Miller, matched with a pair of Smoky Quartz Flat Briolettes and a cluster necklace with a little bit of everything. See details of the earrings here. See details of the necklace here. The handbag is Prada, and the shoes are BCBG Max Azria. This is a perfect dress gives you a perfect opportunity to add bold and colorful jewelry to. I have down played the color of the shoes and handbag to stay focused on the necklace and earrings.
I hope you will enjoy the jewelry inspiration board! Be sure to check out The Beautiful Garden Boutique for all your fashion and bridal jewelry needs. We are still adding in our Spring/Summer 2008 Collection! Don't forget we have moved our clearance section to our Etsy shop.
Have a great Wednesday!
-Smiles Trisha

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

From Our Fashion Jewelry Collection

Here is the first of many to come...Inspiration Jewelry Board #4 from our fashion Jewelry Collection

When I think of Turquoise I think of vacation. So, I put together this 'vacation is calling my name' outfit. I guess if I can't be there, I will just dream about it!

The Jewelry is from our Fashion Jewelry Collection - The Earrings are made of Black Onyx Faceted Ovals and Swarovski Jet Round Crystals, you can find more information here Earrings. The Bracelet is a double strand Turquoise Nuggets with Sterling Silver Lobster Claw Clasp, you can find more information here Bracelet.

Ok I hope this takes you to marvelous places!

-Smiles Trisha

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jewelry Inspiration Board #3

I hope the jewelry boards bring you inspiration for your next big event. I've already decided to change the name of the boards to Jewelry Inspiration Boards+ because they will include all my jewelry collections not just bridal. So whether you are going for a more fashion forward everyday look or searching for a special occasion attire- I hope you will look here first.
In this latest board- I came across a bridesmaids dress designer Anna Elyse. Her collection has many silhouettes to choose from. I just love the short, strapless style of this dress. I've paired it up with my double strand freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals- Click here to view details of the necklace. The earrings are a freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal dangle in 14kt gold fill- Click here to view details of the earrings.
Enjoy your day! Trisha

Monday, February 18, 2008

Jewelry Board #2 JCrew Dress

So here is my second Bridal Board...the Camilla Dress from JCrew in Sour Lemon- don't let the name scare you off! I've paired it with a necklace made with Pineapple Quartz Faceted Ovals & Freshwater Potatoe Pearls. Click here to view details of the Necklace Style # 42BN. The earrings are made with Freshwater Potatoe Pearls clustered together on a Sterling Silver Hoop. Click here to view details of the Earrings Style # E33.
-Smiles from Trisha

Cleaning House

We've decided to make some changes here at BGBJewelry- Starting March 1st we will have converted our Etsy Shop to an Outlet for BGBJewelry. All clearance items will be available at Over the next week or so we will be completing this change.

In the mean time, we have lowered our prices on our current stock, this is a permanent change. And the 15% discount will be available until February 29th, 2008!

Hope everyone will embrace the new changes. I will continue to work on keeping up with my daily blog and jewelry boards. I love jumping around the blog sphere- and reading all the new entries. I will slowly start to add some new links, wedding and fashion alike.

Have a great 'Blue' Monday!
-Smiles from T

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Little Girl is Growing Up

I can't believe we just bought my daughter her own full size bed! We moved out the changing table and crib, along with all the cute pottery barn bedding- bumper, skirt and matching sheets! I can't believe it! She just won't sleep in her crib at night. So the only solution was to get her a big person bed, which I don't even think she understands that she is in a big person bed. My son on the other hand thinks it's the neatest thing ever! We would have gotten her a twin but she has my antique bedroom set, and I am determined to finish cleaning and painting the bed part and get it up into her room. It's a very shabby chic room. Now all I need to do is get my good friend Kelly to make a beautiful quilt with matching pillow shams. Just one project at time.

So, now I am off to work on the new collections. It's a really nice day I think I might sit outside and work on the computer.

Enjoy your Sunday!
-Smiles from Trisha

Friday, February 15, 2008 the ones from my Grandma's Garden

My grandmother loved roses! When I was growing up I remember she had a row of rose bushes that started at the back of the house all the way to the sidewalk. She had all kinds of colors and color combinations. She would go out and clip fresh roses and put them in vases around the house. Very beautiful. These roses were given to me from my husband. I love the natural blend of the pink and white. They remind me of the fresh cut roses from my grandma's garden! Thank you Honey!

Jewelry Board #1 Melissa Sweet Dress & Matching Jewelry

I found this beautiful Melissa Sweet Dress on The Knot, and I decided to match up some pieces from my Bridal Collection. The embroidered detail of the dress matches up perfect with the filigree caps on the pearls and the flower spacers, giving the necklace added detail. Click here to view details of the necklace style # N219B08. The cluster earrings are made with different size pearls and sparkling crystals. Another style would be a matching dangle earring with a lot of sparkle. Don't forget you can get complete details of the dress at The Knot. I know how hard it is to visualize jewelry with an outfit. So I'm hoping this added feature will help you pick out the right jewelry pieces for your outfits or bridal attire.

As always thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Since we haven't been feeling well...we decided to make Valentine cards. So here are a few we did for the grandparents. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentines day and we have been busy making our cards and gifts! It's my son's first Valentine's day where he gives out cards to his classmates. Yesterday he sat at the table and wrote his name on each card and then laid out the candy for each card. He was so cute- he wanted to make sure he wrote on each card. He's just learning to write his name, so he drew pictures instead. And when I picked him up from school yesterday he mentioned something about a girl in class that he sat next to, along with 'she laughed at me and smiled at me'. Young love! How precious!

Now on the other hand, my poor husband- I am so sick, and so are the kids. He has no idea what to do for me except offer to draw me a bath and add one of those vicks drops in it to help clear my sinuses- smiles! We have been making doctor appointments all day- what a way for him to spend vacation time running us to all our appointments.
I'll be spending my time posting my new Spring/Summer 2008 Jewelry Collection. So be sure to check out The Boutique to see the new line. And the 15% discount is valid thru February 29th!
-Smiles! Trisha

Monday, February 11, 2008

For The Love Of

Have you every had a chance to browse through I am so captivated by the items that people put up for sale, or just reading about the people- it's like people watching but you don't have to leave your house. If you haven't visited - you need to take a few minutes everyday to see what is new in the world of Etsy! People from all over the world post new items for sale everyday, every minute. There are so many things that Etsy stands for, you really need to visit the website- I couldn't possible sum it up for you. Everyone I meet who makes something, I encourage them to check out It's such a great 'little' community for all types of artists, working in every type of medium out there!

I love to browse through the different jewelry people. I love to see what other people are creating. I am so amazed at some of the work. It really is incredible.

I wish when I was in college that Etsy was around, or something like it. I think it really would have encourage more artists (or just me) to complete their creations and place them up for sale. Some students could have paid their tuition.

Well, that is my submission for today. I am trying to take advantage of my moment of peace and quiet. My husband took the kids to my son's soccer and then on a walk. I have the back door open and a nice stillness in the area. We have been enjoying the beautiful weather for the past couple of days. The only problem is my allergies are kickin' in!

I hope everyone has a lovely evening!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Shabby Chic Display

So, I found this great website called Jewelry Display Ideas. I was searching through the site and I came across a page where you can enter pictures of your show/home party display, so since I just changed mine out this past holiday season, I decided to do an entry.

I am so thankful I did, I have had so many hits from the sight! And it was free and very easy! If you are just starting out with any type of business, the best advertisement is free! Why because there is no expectation- it doesn't have to deliver! You are not spending money you would rather spend on product, on something you are not sure will bring any return. I know this year I really don't have much in my advertisement budget, so I might spend some hours on the web, just searching for new, inviting, and interesting places that might relate to my jewelry business.

If you have a chance look over the Jewelry Display Ideas website. She has some great resources you just might be interested in!
And if you have time you can read my entry.

Enjoy your day-

Win an Oreck XL Ultra Vaccum!

Stop by today and put in your comments to enter to win a super cool vaccum!
I know I could use a second vaccum. I would love to have one for upstairs and downstairs, its not that I am lazy it's - I hate lugging the heavy on up the stairs each time I need to use it.

Well, it's a great looking day outside and I think I am going to head out and play with the kids. My friend who moved back to the Pacific NW, gave us there backyard play/swing thing- So the kids have their very own playground.

Better get going on my housework so we can play the day away!
Best of luck in the contest!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I just want to Cry! Or Not!

Wordless Wednesday
But, My Daughter is having a rough go at it today! A Few Minutes Later...
And now she is sleeping!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl in Town

Well the big game is today! You know over the years my husband and I have hosted big Super Bowl Parties, but this year we are heading over to my parent's house to enjoy the game with them. They have a pretty good size tv for us to watch it on also! It's funny because all around town they have been talking about all the different entertainment and celebraties in town. It all just makes me want to stay home and watch the game from my couch- Oh, who am I kidding!!! I'm just going to work on my jewelry and scrapbook stuff, while my parents enjoy their grandkids, and my husband and dad will watch the game. I might stop by every once in while on my way to the kitchen, and see who is ahead, but I don't know anything about football! I love going to college games but I have never been into the NFL!

So, I have been working on my Hall of Fame entry for Creating Keepsakes. I really want to have my entry completed and ready to ship out on Monday. I still have a bit to do. Pretty much putting the entry together according to their guidelines. I'm pretty sure I won't win, so even today I almost backed out. But, at the last minute I decided to take a few pictures of my layouts and see if I can get them ready for print for tomorrow. Well, I got all the editing parts completed. Now I will print them out tomorrow and I will write out my supplies list - but first I will need to double check my work so I haven't missed anything. It is really important that everything is check a few times to catch any errors. As soon as I find out I haven't won, I will post the pages, book and item I did for the entry so keep checking back!

They will be annoucing the 10 winners in March or April.

Wish me luck!
Have a great evening!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Make Over Show

So, I was going through the paper from today or maybe it was yesterday, anyways I like to read the local paper and the 'Yes' section in the Friday paper, I like to think it keeps me up on the happenings around town. Well I came across this article that was announcing a Make Over Contest, where they are picking 2 women from the valley to receive complete make overs worth close to $30,000!!! OK- so I continued to read, and it says you have to be at least 28 years of age and need to lose 10-25 pounds plus. And be very motivated. They would track my progress over 13 weeks or 3 months. So, I thought, I'M IN!!! I would love a total make over, and since I am having a tough time loosing my baby weight from my 15 month old! I thought this would be great! So, I have decided to enter this contest- I will be there with countless other women who feel they are in need for a total make over! I'm motivated- my husband and I joined our local gym the day after Christmas and we have been going 2-3-4 days a week! Here are a few links if you live in the area and would be interested in dedicating 3 months to a total make over- they do say it is not for an extreme make over- you will need to read through everything to get all the details. and
Maybe I'll see you in line!
Good luck to you!