Friday, August 1, 2008

Custom Picture Frame Charm Necklaces

I thought I would share this special order with you. I love how they turned out. The customer had these made up for a friend of hers. She emailed me the pictures and we cropped them down and then made them black and white, added the initials, and little crystals in the corner.
It's incredible how many options there are for this type of thing. I don't advertise that I make these, but I have made ones for fun for myself with my kids and I added a Swarovski Crystal Heart Charm. I love the idea of adding the crystals with in the charms and having them hang from a sterling silver chain instead of the beaded one that they usually are worn on. She really made this a precious special order.
I hope you will enjoy your weekend. A new month and that much closer to all the holidays. I can't believe it's August already! And we still have one more month of extremely hot weather and monsoon season! -T


Rebecca Tresler said...

I am cropping tonight, are you going? It would be cool to see you there!

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