Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Designer Highlight in Bead Trends Mag Sept/Oct 2008

OK- I am having really strange dreams lately- I'm just really excited about my good news that I haven't announced until now...drum roll please....I am going to be the featured jewelry designer in the magazine, Bead Trends, the feature is called, 'Designer Highlight'. You get a 10 page spread of 5 sets up jewelry. I am so excited. I made new pieces for this, but my work is ever changing, by mood or bead or whatever inspires me at the moment to make jewelry. I just can't wait for the Fedex guy to show up with my box! I already have one of the bracelet and earrings sets sold. I had a dream or nightmare is more like it, and I got my box and my jewelry was gone and there were only broken beads and the box with shredded up. So weird what your mind will make up!
The store I use to work at for most of my life, is having their anniversary sale, and I keep having this dream where I get hired back on and things are crazy and I'm there to get things organized, and there all these people there who were my store managers, mentors and sales associates from when I first started. I told my dad I had my 5th one the other night and he corrected me and said, 'Isn't more like a nightmare?'. YES! I don't want to go back to work! I really enjoy staying home with my children, well most of time, I love making jewelry and I do have to admit, I don't like the housework!
So, I will keep you updated when my package arrives. I'm headed over to Etsy to see what fun goodies I can find. I might just post about them later.
Have a great afternoon! T

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Rebecca Tresler said...

Congrats! That is so awesome!

Missed you at the meeting last week!