Sunday, May 6, 2007

New 'Featured Bride' Jewelry

Check these pieces out! Isn't this bracelet and earring set just stunning! I wish I had somewhere to go that I would be 'forced' to wear something as elegant as this! Unfortunately, I just don't think t-shirt and jeans would quite cut it with this one!

I just updated my 'Featured Bride' page on my website. The page is meant to show examples of how a bride can choose just about any piece from the current collections and we can redesign it to be suitable for their wedding style. Even though we might not show a complete set online we can always design the missing necklace, bracelet or earrings. I love to do custom orders! I now have added all these custom orders into my catalog on my website.

To view my 'Featured Bride' page, just click on the link above. If you have any questions about custom orders be sure to email me at

Again, thanks for stopping by!

Have a great Sunday! I know I will- today is my son's birthday!!!

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EVOLUZ said...

This is very elegant I should wear it on my wedding.