Monday, August 6, 2007

Website All Fixed...

Thanks to Jake and Denise at Posh Daisy, my website is up and running again. Not that it was ever down, more like I couldn't get access to my admin login page, which means I wasn't able to update my site! Total bummer! But, now I'm really excited about getting things rolling with all my changes that need to be completed. Oh, probable another week or so.

We started a remodel on our house, so the kids and I are staying at my parent's house for the week. Makes it a bit difficult to get to my files. But, it is giving me time to finish up my fall line and do some scrapbooking. I love looking over scrapbook forums!!
If you have time and you love scrapbooking check out these great websites:

I've been building my gallery at Devine Memories. Devine Memories is having a all night party on October 17th at 6pm to October 18th 6am!!! I wish I could be there! Oh, the trouble and fun I would have! It's my husband and dad's birthday on October 18th so I need to save all my energy for the big weekend!

Thanks for stopping by...Trisha
TATT- Think About These Things!!
Very excited!

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