Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day 2008- What will you do today, for change tomorrow?

Remember Earth Day is not only a one day effort- this is a life long commitment. It's like a New Years Resolution- Each year you can make changes- or each day you can make changes. For example, the other day I was about to throw away a chip bag when I notice the recycle triangle on the bottom of the plastic bag- I always thought you couldn't recycle plastic bags. So, I checked the magnet we have on the refrigerator and saw that we could recycle this bag! I was so proud of myself and yet so disappointed that I hadn't realized it sooner!
We are still not feeling well around here, so we playing at home today.

I have to do another shout out for my new store I work at!! If you have time this week or this coming weekend - stop by! We have some great items in and we are still putting the store together. I will be there on Saturday!

I have added some new pieces to my Vintage Inspired Collection, so if you have a chance check them out. Remember you will receive a pair of freshwater pearl oxidized earrings with every purchase $75.00 or over, no code needed.
Over the next couple of days I will be adding quite a few earrings to my Fashion Jewelry Collection. So check back to look them over.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Earth Day!

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