Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Going Green Earth Day April 22

So, it shouldn't be that hard for a business to Go Green, especially when you work from home, buy locally, and run the business online. I thought it was about time I switched all my paper to 100% recycled paper. So, I went online to see if I could find somewhere locally to buy from and it was hard to find online. So, I'm going to keep looking and brainstorm a little. I have a few ideas brewing.

I've decide to list a few things I do to stay Green-
- Use all my used office paper as scratch paper- for little notes, adding up my jewelry components, writing lists (and I write a lot of lists)
- Reuse the shipping boxes and padding from shipments I receive
- Recycle my ink cartridges for credit at the stores to buy more
- Jewelry components- I haven't made them yet, but I just recently bought some vintage components to make some jewelry with from a gal on I'm really excited about it! But, I have to have just the right inspiration to make them come to life. So, everyday I am drawing up ideas to for them.
- Cleaning products- I have to thank my sister in law she made me up a batch of cleaning products and they work great, and safe for my children

Here are few things I am going to do as soon as I run out
- buy recycled gift boxes- I might not get the color I want but I can add color with the ribbon I choose.
- recycled card stock for tags, earring cards, thank you notes, and business cards

I will keep adding to this list as I think about things. It's important for our family's and the generations that come after we are long gone, that they have a safe environment to live in.

What are you doing TODAY to help change safe the environment.

I came across these bags about a month ago or so, when I remember what blog I came across them at I will let you know. They do deserve the credit.
But, check these out... Flip & Tumble How many times a day do you need a bag and there are some great colors and perfect size that you can stash them anywhere.

Be sure to talk to your children or anyone in your house hold about Earth day April 22, just keep spreading the word/knowledge.

Have a great day!

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