Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monday Night's Diamond Backs Game - My Famous Family

OK- these are just few pictures of my husband, son, dad, and brother; who all attended the game on Monday night. They had great seats 10 rows up from the field behind the Diamond Back's dug out. So, with these awesome seats- came some perks!
Grandpa and Bryson with a game ball!

My brother on TV at the end of the game they started showing a bunch of people who had cheered throughout the game- and I was able to pause the TV to take a shot, and there on the right is my dad and my husband.

Here's a cute picture of my two guys!

And now for the best part....My son on top of the dug out during the 7th inning stretch singing 'take me out to the ball game'! Yes! He got up with another little boy. I couldn't believe it when my husband told me. My son is normally so shy! On the Thursday before he got up in front of a few hundred parents for his Club Pee Wee performance. We were so proud of him, not only did he sit up there and sing he did the hand movements and everything! So, at the game he got up there and sang his little heart out! He had been practicing all day. He had learned the song during his class Apple to Zebras. It was just great! I wish I was there- they do not show the 7th inning stretch on TV.

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Rebecca Tresler said...

Oh my goodness! How cute!