Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween Scrapbook Page Kit for Devine Memories

So, I had a first...some of you know that I am on the Devine Memories Scrapbook Design Team...well, one of the last challenges I had was to do a page kit. If you are unsure what that buy a kit that has all the pieces along with a photo to show you the end take it home and assemble it. You still get all the fun of making a page and adding your own pictures, without having to come up with a theme...I'm sure your asking why it was a challenge...try walking around the store trying to come up with an idea that is appealing to everyone, and that you can't layer the photos, that you can make 10 times over. I struggled. But if you click here you can see the completed kit on the Devine Memories Website. This month I am part of the 3 person challenge...3 people from the design team receive the same kit and come up with their own ideas on what the end result will be. If you browse through any Creating Keepsakes Magazine, they have a section in there doing the same thing but they can only use the supplies given to them. We have the option of adding what ever we want, and I think we each received one item different.
Better get going, have a private jewelry show starting in a few hours.
Have a great weekend! T

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