Monday, November 10, 2008

Pictures from Addison's Birthday Weekend

OK so I am not a baker...and I didn't want to just get a cake from the grocery here is what my creation ended up looking like...Messy and Good! I do have to give Brian credit for making the cupcakes. I did take the paper decoration idea from Creating Keepsakes magazine. I just put my own twist on the whole idea.

Here are a few pictures from her party. Of course I can't seem to get the photos straight- just backwards.

Addison opening presents
Big brother helping her open presents

Addison with her birthday cupcake

Having fun in the bounce house

These are pictures from Addison's actual birthday night. We did take out from Old Chicago and got her the chocolate cookie for dessert. She was really enjoying the ice cream!

Big Brother Bryson Eating her ice cream with her hands

Big kiss from daddy

Let's eat cookie
Trying to blow out the candles

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Michelle Devine said...

Cute pic of Addison and her cupcake. The flower on her head is precious.