Monday, July 9, 2007

It's been a long couple of weeks...

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Why is it that when you return from a week long vacation it takes you two weeks to get back into the swing of things? I feel like I have so much to do and catch up on!

I'm trying to teach myself new things; Adobe Photo shop- I thought it might be a good program to learn to use in scrap booking and enhancing my jewelry pictures for my web page. I can see now it will be awhile until I am completely comfortable with it. I bought some digital picture frames off a website called, a very cute site and they have some great items. I think I should have read up on the whole down load thing first before purchasing the frames. They look really cool but yet I'm still not quite sure how to use them.

Still really hot down here, but the crazy thing is, I actually feel like I am getting use to it. I can tell the rest of the family is getting a little stir crazy! Haven't quite figured out what I am planning on doing tomorrow, but tonight I need to finish adding some new products to my website and make a bracelet for a fundraiser coming up in September. I will have more details on the event as they come available. It will be for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation who are partnering up with for the month of September to raise money. Part of the purchase of my bracelet will be donated. I need to sit down tonight and design the bracelet.

I was doing some crazy all night scrap booking the other night. I had so much fun...I think my husband thinks I'm crazy. But, I honestly thinking I am developing an actual style to my pages. I feel bad I still need to start some pages for my daughters baby book. I should sit down and jot some notes down while they are still fresh in my memory!

A very busy week ahead...lots planned all week. So, need to head out. Hope everyone has a great week and has a chance to stop by my site to check out the new merchandise!

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