Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Little Overwhelmed with Paperwork!

I just hate this time of year when I have to go through all my files and pull out last years stuff, and get it ready for TAX time! I am just crossing my fingers I actually kept everything in order. I'm suppose to be going through some of the papers right now, and instead I decided to write about them. The house is quiet and it's a great time for me to get somethings completed.

I feel so bad, the other day I was so proud of myself, I was copying off schedules for our gym, the library and my son's school schedule. Well, I talked up a fitness class for my son to go to this morning and I thought it said 10:30 am but really its at 9 am. So, then I had to explain to him that I goofed and that we are actually going to the grocery store. Nice mom I am! So, tomorrow I owe him an outing. Hopefully it doesn't rain. That would be my luck!

I just put in my first bead order of the year! Very exciting clasps coming! I spent sometime this morning looking over beads, trying to visualize my Spring/Summer 2008 Collection. I should have a preview of the new collection on February 15th at a show I am doing. The whole collection will be available to the public by March 1st!

OK, so I have held off long enough. I need to hit the pile of paper work in front of me. But, knowing myself I'll start browsing the internet instead!

Have a great evening. Thank you for stopping by.

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