Sunday, January 27, 2008


I know you should enjoy change...but if you are like me and you are unsure of the unknown, sometimes it can be scary! One of my good friends is moving away tomorrow. I am so bummed, happy for her- but we have become good friends over the last two years, you can't help but be bummed. I think I am craving some familiar ground right now. And I think the best way around this feeling is to be creative. Tonight we had a design team meeting and then we could scrapbook into the night. Well, as you can see I am still up, I had a bit too many cokes. So, my battery is about to run out on my laptop. I just thought I could get one last thing completed before I head up. Doing something creative really helps get your feelings out...I love to make jewelry and listen to music. So, tonight not only did I scrapbook at the store, I came home and worked on my website and listened to music. I really enjoy hangin' out with the design team. The ladies are a lot of fun and filled with so much knowledge!!! I had a great time tonight.
Better go down to the last mins.

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