Thursday, September 18, 2008

My New Canvas Project! 'The Gardens'

My husband and I have been going back and forth about art work for a few places in the house. A few years ago, he decided to take a flying leap...and bought tubes of paints and some paper and decided to try his 'skills' at painting. Well, the canvas and paper ended up in the garbage...he claims I said something...not true! You should see the two huge canvas paintings I did in parents have them hanging in their garage...need I say more. So, I decided it was my turn to put my foot out there. And yesterday, my son and I decided to get the paints out while Addison was sleeping. My husband came home when I had just started adding the paper around the edges. And I told him, I don't know why I painted the canvas, except I remember my Painting Instructor from college telling me to never start with a white canvas. So, underneath all the glitter, glue, paper, flowers, pins, chipboard, rub ons, distressed ink, brads, and ribbon, there is red, brown, and tan paint. So, if ever the thing decides to fall will still be pretty! So, I have decided to give you a sneak peak, because tonight when I took the pictures, they didn't turn out very well, and I will try again tomorrow. And I am not finished yet. I still want to add a big hanging bow on the top! So, for now here are a few or more pics of the up close detail of the canvas board called 'The Gardens'.

Vintage Brooch I bought off

I also have one more canvas to do. I bought my paper at Devine Memories. And I bought all the paper offered in the series. So, this one has a botanical garden theme, the other is going to have a roaring 20's theme. Which while I was making this one, I was pulling out things for that one.
Enjoy and please leave comments, because I will read them to my husband!!!!
Thank you!

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