Friday, September 26, 2008

More Custom Bridal Jewelry Orders from this past Summer 2008

This Bridal Jewelry set is actually from earlier in the summer. The bride was interested in Bridal Earrings Style #E226B08
They were originally in a white and pink, but we changed them out using the creamrose light pearl in the earrings and the necklace. The Bridal Necklace is a custom piece but she had chosen Bridal Necklace Style #60BN We worked closely with the bride to create a piece that would fit with her dress style and color. And any changes that the bride preferred compared to the original design.

There will be more examples of this summer's Custom Bridal Orders posted later this weekend. I've been getting ready for some of the events that I have or will be attending in the next month or so. I know they won't start until the back half of the month, but I have to get my time in where I can! LOL!
Have a great weekend! Trisha

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