Friday, September 5, 2008

Evening Walks

Yes, so last night I decided I didn't want to go to the gym. So, my husband and son went while my daughter and I went on a walk around the loop. Well, I put her in the stroller and we headed out. Everything seemed fine until we started heading back and my daughter wanted out of the stroller. So, I said OK, like I had a choice in the matter. She was doing really well, but then I noticed we were being bit by mosquitoes everywhere. So, now as I am sitting here updating my blog roll I am itching everywhere! I tried to get my daughter back in the stroller so we could jog home, but that didn't work, and when I made her get in and I ran about a block and half, she was practically hanging out the front doing a nose dive to the sidewalk. Oh, and screaming- so not only was I trying to keep the mosquitoes off of us, I looked like I stole the child in the stroller. I'm a terrible parent. I did have water, cellphone, keys, food, hat, sunglasses, books and toys for my daughter- yet no bug repellent. I figured we would be moving the whole time.
I can't wait for this weekend to start...I was suppose to be heading up to Alaska this afternoon, but the trip got cancelled. So, it is the first weekend in a long time that we do not have to be somewhere. I'm so excited, I am going to update my web page, fill some orders, post pics from custom orders.

Have a great weekend!

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