Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bountiful Baskiets

Well, it was our first Saturday participating in the Bountiful Baskests, and fortunately for the family, we will be signing up every Saturday they offer it!!! It was the neatest thing! And so well organized! It's like a grab bag, where you know that the items will be good no matter what! Now, I have never made eggplant anything, but I did go through a few of my cookbooks looking for recipes. And I'm sure I could check out some websites. Also, I got beet, not that is another veg...that I have never cooked with- so I will keep you updated. Better get going my daughter needs her nap.

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Rebecca Tresler said...

Thats so cool! You convinced me to join! I will have to start in August but I am way excited!!