Friday, June 13, 2008

Photo Light Box & New Etsy Banner

I feel like I have had a full day and I want to work through the night...but it's just after midnight and I'm pretty tired. But, I wanted to post about some changes I've been making to my Etsy shop. After the fun critique session- I redid my banner, it only took 3-4 times, but I like this new one. And I made myself a photo light box and tested it out tonight and am really proud of the pictures. I do need to make the light box bigger, but just seeing a difference in the photos makes me think all my hard work is totally worth it. I'm sure you will agree!
This is one of the necklaces I worked on last night. I couldn't sleep after the critique session so I just started making more jewelry. It's just what I do. Oh, and another thing, I worked with my camera to get the settings correct. But, it's always a work in progress. But, I wrote the settings down for this particular set up.
Well, I think my whole collection of jewelry is calling- and now I have this photo light box that I have to store somewhere. Hmmm, I'm thinking I need a bigger of these days I will share my designing area. Remember I try to multi task in my design area.
I just thought of something, my son kept asking if I was making a house tonight. I had paper, tape, fabric, a box, cutting tools- of course that is what I was making! LOL!
have a great evening, please check back because there are even more changes happenin' around here!
- Trisha

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