Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl in Town

Well the big game is today! You know over the years my husband and I have hosted big Super Bowl Parties, but this year we are heading over to my parent's house to enjoy the game with them. They have a pretty good size tv for us to watch it on also! It's funny because all around town they have been talking about all the different entertainment and celebraties in town. It all just makes me want to stay home and watch the game from my couch- Oh, who am I kidding!!! I'm just going to work on my jewelry and scrapbook stuff, while my parents enjoy their grandkids, and my husband and dad will watch the game. I might stop by every once in while on my way to the kitchen, and see who is ahead, but I don't know anything about football! I love going to college games but I have never been into the NFL!

So, I have been working on my Hall of Fame entry for Creating Keepsakes. I really want to have my entry completed and ready to ship out on Monday. I still have a bit to do. Pretty much putting the entry together according to their guidelines. I'm pretty sure I won't win, so even today I almost backed out. But, at the last minute I decided to take a few pictures of my layouts and see if I can get them ready for print for tomorrow. Well, I got all the editing parts completed. Now I will print them out tomorrow and I will write out my supplies list - but first I will need to double check my work so I haven't missed anything. It is really important that everything is check a few times to catch any errors. As soon as I find out I haven't won, I will post the pages, book and item I did for the entry so keep checking back!

They will be annoucing the 10 winners in March or April.

Wish me luck!
Have a great evening!

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