Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentines day and we have been busy making our cards and gifts! It's my son's first Valentine's day where he gives out cards to his classmates. Yesterday he sat at the table and wrote his name on each card and then laid out the candy for each card. He was so cute- he wanted to make sure he wrote on each card. He's just learning to write his name, so he drew pictures instead. And when I picked him up from school yesterday he mentioned something about a girl in class that he sat next to, along with 'she laughed at me and smiled at me'. Young love! How precious!

Now on the other hand, my poor husband- I am so sick, and so are the kids. He has no idea what to do for me except offer to draw me a bath and add one of those vicks drops in it to help clear my sinuses- smiles! We have been making doctor appointments all day- what a way for him to spend vacation time running us to all our appointments.
I'll be spending my time posting my new Spring/Summer 2008 Jewelry Collection. So be sure to check out The Boutique to see the new line. And the 15% discount is valid thru February 29th!
-Smiles! Trisha

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