Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Shabby Chic Display

So, I found this great website called Jewelry Display Ideas. I was searching through the site and I came across a page where you can enter pictures of your show/home party display, so since I just changed mine out this past holiday season, I decided to do an entry.

I am so thankful I did, I have had so many hits from the sight! And it was free and very easy! If you are just starting out with any type of business, the best advertisement is free! Why because there is no expectation- it doesn't have to deliver! You are not spending money you would rather spend on product, on something you are not sure will bring any return. I know this year I really don't have much in my advertisement budget, so I might spend some hours on the web, just searching for new, inviting, and interesting places that might relate to my jewelry business.

If you have a chance look over the Jewelry Display Ideas website. She has some great resources you just might be interested in!
And if you have time you can read my entry.

Enjoy your day-

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